A Traditional Náhuatl Prayer

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I release my parents from the feeling that they have failed me.I release my children from the need to make me proud, so that they can write their own ways, according to their hearts.I release my partner from the obligation to make me feel complete.I lack nothing in myself.I learn with all the beings that surround me through all time.I thank my grandparents and ancestors who met so that today I breathe life.And I release them from the faults of the past and from the wishes they did not fulfill, aware that they did the best they could to resolve their situations, within the consciousness they had at that moment.I honor them, I love them, and I recognize their innocence.I […]

A Message From Her Majesty The Tree Of Light

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A few months ago, I was honored to sit in ceremony with the medicine of Noya Rao.  In the Shipibo tradition, she is the pinnacle of Master Plant Teachers — the rare and mystical “Tree of Light,” also known as “The Flying Tree” and “The Path of the Truth.” It’s said that there are only 3 left in the whole world… As the Ceremony began, the Shamans blessed all the medicines and asked me to come forward. I made my prayers and took one serving, and she started working on me right away. Noya Rao shimmered into my consciousness as this immense, tall, towering, heavenly tree of light, covered in white rainbows of all kinds. And then for the next […]

Shadow Desires: from Caterpillar Into SkyDancer

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Shadow Desires: from Caterpillar Into SkyDancer An excerpt from The Radiant Queens Mastermind “Are you doing it out of shadow, or are you doing it out of pure desire? If you’re doing it out of shadow, you’re doing it out of fear, or wanting to please. You’re doing it out of the child, the prostitute, the victim, or the saboteur, which are all archetypes. It is very important to feel into, ‘Am I doing this out of my shadows or am I doing this out of my sovereign way?’ Out of love, true desires, and true identity. No mud no lotus. Like the lotus, may be at ease in muddy waters. When we talk about our past life, that’s what […]

You as Mandala

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You As Mandala An excerpt from The Radiant Queens Mastermind “Here’s an example of my favorite mandala, it’s the Sri Yantra. I’m actually wearing a Sri Yantra pendant right now. And again, it’s like, the ascending triangle, and the descending triangle— for me that’s about Heaven and Earth. The ascension is the path of bringing the energy from the root up into the crown, which is the path of enlightenment. But then what happens after you get enlightened? You still have to chop wood, and carry water, adn do laundry, right? So, there’s this path of descending where you take all of that beautiful ascension energy where you’re one with source, and you bring it down and embody it into […]

Regarding the Allegations Against Yoji Bhajan

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MY TAKE ON THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOGI BHAJAN & THE KUNDALINI YOGA COMMUNITY: Today I learned about the abuses of Yogi Bhajan for the first time and felt shocked, disappointed, and somewhat thankful now that I never actually met him or studied under him in person. I believe those coming forward, and feel compassion for them and and hope they can be supported by the KY community. As for myself, I became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in 2008, and have always loved the technology, and the bodies of wisdom it illuminated for me. After studying HapKiDo for a decade, Kundalini Yoga felt like a good rounding out, like being given an arsenal of Spiritual Self-Defense. It helped me understand my […]

The Call ~

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The Call ~ I live at the end of the rainbow at the edge of the worldIn a Cauldron of Transformation at Pele’s feetSometimes I feel lonely hereDay & night I host so many that are pilgrimaging to PeleBut none yet are for me. I hold deep space for Healing of LifetimesYet have yet to find my match in mine.I have tried to leave,but She who births & destroys the world in the same breathcalls me back.  So I sit hereon sacred land, bare feet on black lava,bathed in moonlight & shooting starsframed by steaming volcano & glistening seaweaving the windstoking the firetending this Primordial Home. I pray a future Beloved hears the call and joins mein this magical existence ~where fire […]


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