You as Mandala

You As Mandala

An excerpt from The Radiant Queens Mastermind

Here’s an example of my favorite mandala, it’s the Sri Yantra. I’m actually wearing a Sri Yantra pendant right now. And again, it’s like, the ascending triangle, and the descending triangle— for me that’s about Heaven and Earth.

The ascension is the path of bringing the energy from the root up into the crown, which is the path of enlightenment. But then what happens after you get enlightened? You still have to chop wood, and carry water, adn do laundry, right? So, there’s this path of descending where you take all of that beautiful ascension energy where you’re one with source, and you bring it down and embody it into Earth. You create your Heaven on Earth for your whole family, tribe, and community to enjoy and benefit from.

It’s one thing to ascend, and then it’s a whole other thing to embody.

It’s one thing to ascend, and then it’s a whole other thing to embody. I want you to just like really feel into bringing the energy up, cleaning containers, ascending, and enlightening the mind, illuminating speech, clearing body— that’s the inner mastery right?— And then the second part of the course is all about outer mastery, where you apply it to your external world, bring it down, and you embody it on Earth.

So, you’re not like a monk in a cave somewhere, you are actively creating your Heaven on Earth, bringing those values into your life and your family and your communities. Another model I want to bring to your attention is the Kalachakra mandala, this is called one of the most “ultimate mandala”, and it looks like this. People don’t know that it’s an actual 3D representation of a holy temple. So many times in life we’re living 2D life where we things are flat, you know, you’re eating the menu instead of the food and wondering why you’re not satisfied.

Why are these people getting the car and the status and the fame, and the bank account, and the trophy wife, or whatever? They’re living in a 2D world where they’re eating the menu, yet they’re wondering why they are not satisfied. But there are secrets in this: once we can tap into the secrets of the mandala, you see that it’s not just a pretty picture. It’s actually the blueprint of an entire Holy Temple, which is you. You are a holy temple. So, let us design, a mandala of you.

Master lifeforce, master your shadows, master your time, master your space, master your mind, master your emotions. Master your speech. And for me, the manifestation of illuminated speech becomes a wealth. So, this is the Mandela I created for this course, the Radiant Queens Mastermind. “

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