Last year, I was called to innovate a very special, powerful and unique, Transformational Experience, to bring Healing & Wholeness to our Personal Lives, our Ancestral Lines and our Collective World.


In my 30 years of self-development work, I have trained in dozens of modalities and hosted impeccable containers for thousands of Healing Ceremonies of all kinds.

Spirit has been guiding me to weave what works best, into a new kind of Offering -- to huge success and life-changing results.

We begin the day with an optional partaking of a gentle, heart opening, heart healing, non-psychoactive Plant Teacher (*in person sessions only).

With the Spirit of the Plant Teacher Ally bringing us more fully open and present, we will then drop into Family Constellations (~ yet with a twist ~)

Family Constellations is one of the best, most effective ways to accomplish deep and profound, Personal, Collective & Ancestral Healing. (I have studied with amazing teachers such as Francesca Mason Boring, Anutosh Foo, Bill Mannle, Mark Wolynn, and did a Facilitator Training with Suzi Tucker in NYC).


And Yet..


Each Constellation is also accompanied by my powerful Soul Clearing, Soul Retrieval and Shamanic work -- so that each person will also experience a cathartic healing breakthrough and REBIRTH Experience ~

In this safe, deep container, we will free up your Life-force and Soul Fragments that have been trapped and blocked for lifetimes -- and bring them HOME ~~~

Space is extremely limited, we will be a small intimate group, so that we can really dive deep with each person.

There's already a Waitlist, and I would need to speak with you over the phone to make sure it’s a fit ~


Private Family Constellations



In a safe, supportive container, grounded in Unconditional Love, You will be guided to bring Healing & Wholeness to your Personal Life and Ancestral Line.

Family Constellations provide a transformational walk for those who are ready to live in the connected flow of life, love, and lineage. It reveals those places where one suffers out of loyalty to the challenges, wounds, and fears of the past in the system. 

It is a rare & often life-changing Gift to have your own Focused Constellation. You will walk away with greater Freedom, Clarity & Happiness.

I look forward to holding space for your restoration & empowerment.

There are 2 different ways that I can guide a Family Constellation for you.

90 minute Private 1:1 Constellation

  • We meet on Zoom for a private constellation, just you and me.
  • You will create a field and Constellation with "found objects" and I will guide the whole experience.

2 hr Collaborative Constellation

  • You bring some friends and we all zoom together, with you as the one Focus person having a Focused Constellation for you.
  • You would be welcome to invite up to 4 other people to join you as possible representatives, to support their Constellation. These non-focus friends will not have their own Constellation done, however they will receive healing benefits as well. 🙂
  • Since there's others involved, it will usually require more energy & time, so we allot 2 hours for this option.

Are You Ready for a Life-Changing, Deep Dive Healing Rebirth?

LIVE EVENTS in NYC, Hawaii, San Diego, LA ~
We are also open to bringing it to your community if you would like to host.



For those who may want more focus, and/or more discretion, I also offer Private Ceremonies.
This can be 1:1, or perhaps for just you and your significant other, or your own small group.

Feel free to reach out and let me know what you are wanting, and we can customize the experience for you.

For those who may want more focus, and/or more discretion, I also offer Private Ceremonies.
This can be 1:1, or perhaps for just you and your significant other, or your own small group.

Feel free to reach out and let me know what you are wanting, and we can customize the experience for you.

Meet Jade

JADE RAJBIR KAUR is a masterful Soul Guide, Mentor and Sovereignty Coach with 30+ years experience in the self-development field. She is an expert in helping people clear blocks, conquer self-sabotage, and embody their Royal Divinity.

Jade is the Innovator of The Ancestral Empowerment Ceremony - weaving Plant Medicine Ceremony, Family Constellations, and Shamanic Soul Clearing -- resulting in powerful, life-changing results.

She also leads: “The Radiant Queens Mastermind” - an "energy mastery bootcamp" leading one from shadow to sovereignty.  In addition, she is Creatrix of her own signature methodologies — SOULEvolution Coaching, the Soul Clearing Method, and The Phoenix Process — all featured in her Amazon Best Selling book, "The Radiant Lotus Way: Keys to Transforming Trauma into Treasure."

Originally from NYC, Jade's worn many hats, and draws from a wide array of life experiences. She grew up in a strict Taiwanese artist family, immersed in her parents’ humanist, multicultural views.

She spent several decades managing seven different companies (art, real estate, and financial investments) as well as a nonprofit — setting up Art Exhibitions, Cultural Events, Galleries and Museums worldwide (such as the United Nations, the State of the World Forum, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo, etc).

During this time, she also earned her BA in Theology & Writing, Masters Degree in Poetry, taught full-contact fighting, day traded million-dollar portfolios and immersed herself in Landmark Education and Tony Robbin's Mastery University and Leadership Academy. But all this achievement-oriented success had a dark side, and in 2006, Jade burnt out and lost everything.

After going through her "dark night of the soul," she then vowed to stop being a "people-pleasing martyr-victim-savior" trying to fulfill others' expectations and roles — and decided to commit her life to Spirit. Since then, she has become a Masterful Soul Guide and Mentor, helping others to be free from past limits, and create their dream life.

Jade is trained in various modalities, most prominently — Plant-assisted Therapy, Shadow Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga (Levels 1 & 2), Family Constellations, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, Martial Arts, Sound Healing, Somatic Experience, Sat Nam Rasayan, NLP, Tantra, etc.

Besides that, she also guides life-changing, Rebirthing Retreats at her Adi Shakti Refuge — an off-grid, magical Sanctuary that she founded, dedicated to the Divine Mother, at the feet of an active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.


“The Ancestral Empowerment Ceremony was life-changing for me in the way I connected with my ancestors, childhood, and future. I would highly recommend this to anybody and everybody. I found this class to be for humanity in general...many walks of life were present.

If every human had the opportunity to participate in Jade’s ceremony, the world would be a better place. A big takeaway was the impact our work has on 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. Taking this class helps not only myself, but the impacts will reverberate and help others. I’m imagining the butterfly effect throughout generations.

I felt in touch with my purpose as a human during this experience.

Jade is a wonderful facilitator who is very intuitive and truly listens. I felt really heard and safe. I could feel her healing energy and love for us all. Jade was very thoughtful in her layout of my constellation which helped me connect so fast. I felt an energy I’ve never felt before during my constellation. It felt like I was shedding the bad and replacing it with love and hope. I’ll never forget this experience and I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with Jade as my guide. This was the start of a new lease on life for me!”

- A.N. Hawaii



“I was soooo honored to be a part of yesterdays healing energy. Truly, life changing! The lingering emotions, and insights, made me wish that I could have returned today. Perhaps the opportunity will present again. I had a great day with the family. We discussed healthy relationships! What a blessing to be inspired and strengthened by your Ancestral Empowerment gathering! Win-Win-Win!!! I am forever grateful for the experience, and especially! for your loving guidance through it. "

- William Collins, Hawaii


“The deep healing work Jade facilitated for me during our Ancestral Empowerment workshop was truly life changing. I was able to resolve long-unresolved feelings and unheard expression in relation to my father. The support of Jade, the beautiful fellow-participants, and the ever-knowing field allowed for pure magic to unfold.

A few weeks later, I had a heart-opening conversation with my mother which similarly soothed long-held wounds and released me from a lifetime of unhealthy attachment with her. I feel free and light again.

Jade’s fierce and loving presence, generous sharing of wisdom, and clean space-holding allowed for the next level of my transformation. I am so grateful and I highly recommend Jade and her work.”

- Lyra Bluestone
Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master



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