Regarding The Allegations Against Yogi Bhajan


Today I learned about the abuses of Yogi Bhajan for the first time and felt shocked, disappointed, and somewhat thankful now that I never actually met him or studied under him in person. I believe those coming forward, and feel compassion for them and and hope they can be supported by the KY community.

As for myself, I became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in 2008, and have always loved the technology, and the bodies of wisdom it illuminated for me. After studying HapKiDo for a decade, Kundalini Yoga felt like a good rounding out, like being given an arsenal of Spiritual Self-Defense. It helped me understand my multidimensionality and strengthen my Core Soul Self. It helped me to clear old blocks, and awaken my Kundalini Life Force to enliven my body and Being. It helped me to connect more deeply with Source and the divinity within. I followed the Conscious Pregnancy protocols and birthed and raised my son in healthy, wholesome ways.

I have also met amazing, beautiful, fellow yogis in this path, that were generous of heart, strong in spirit, deep in soul, and integral in character. True Spiritual Warriors, who were earnestly devoted to Source, and being the best humans they can be.

At the same time, I have never felt bound to Kundalini Yoga solely, nor particularly attached to Yogi Bhajan, as he had passed before I came to it. I have always had respect, but not blind adoration, as I knew he was human and had encouraged all to be “ten times greater than he”. What I remember of his sayings, is that he considered himself a “garbage collector,” just helping to clear and dump peoples’ subconscious crap. He asked us to be “Lighthouses” and help humanity in this difficult transitional time.

I’ve studied dozens of modalities over the last 3 decades, and I always remember Lao Tzu’s wisdom encouraging us to look beyond “the fingers pointing at the moon”. When we get caught up staring at the fingers— fixating on the messengers— we lose sight of the unnamable, infinite Mystery that is the true point and source of Grace. (This is why I also haven’t subscribed to any organized religion in the last couple decades.)

All the teachings, all the mantras and rituals, the turbans and wearing white, etc. — for me these have always just been tools that can perhaps help me to be a more effective channel of Grace. They are not the point — just tools. In my opinion, Grace can be found in all circumstances and paths, no one way or methodology “owns” it.

I understand that we are all different, multidimensional Beings in a particular time stream & space field. And that there are “a thousand paths up the mountain.” I know that different things resonate with different people and also that different tools are needed at different times in one’s life.

Oftentimes, one person’s medicine is another’s poison, and vice versa. What saved my life when I was twenty can be dangerous for me at forty. What’s appropriate for one student may not be for another. Cookie cutter rules and protocols won’t work; a holistic, contextual lens is always needed. At the same time, I acknowledge that each person has their own responsibility to cultivate the wherewithal and discernment to only take what resonates for them, and discard what doesn’t. Part of this human journey and spiritual maturity is learning how to glean the wisdom from the wounds, the power from the pain.. Life is not “black or white,” people are not purely “good or bad,” there’re always subtle nuances, contexts, and treasure to be sifted for within every situation.

For me, the point is always — Spiritual Evolution.
What would serve and nourish Life? What would free up more Life force?
What would allow for the transformation of trauma into treasure?
What would facilitate the alchemy of wounds into wisdom?
Where can the breakthrough be had, to let the light come in?

I have loved building up a diverse, expansive toolbox and I enjoy being able to wield many tools and select the right one that can most positively impact myself / my client for what they need in that moment for the highest good, in their particular situation. I wouldn’t bring a hammer to a sword fight. And I wouldn’t recommend someone be all light and forgiveness when what they need is to express sacred rage and feel validated after being silenced for so long. Speak what IS. Start with bringing what has been secret, unconscious, and swept under the rug — into the light of conscious awareness. Say their names. Say what happened. Validate and acknowledge. Create suitable remedies and reparations if can. And acknowledge the particular context and situation of before, and what’s now needed in this moment. Move on from there, with Grace as our Co-Pilot.

We don’t know what the future holds, but if we can hold what is, and meet whatever arises, in a space of conscious awareness and commitment towards the highest, best outcome for all; then there is space for proactive, beneficial, honoring solutions to come to light. Yogi Bhajan also said “It’s not life that matters, it’s the courage you bring to it.”

And so here we are, transitioning into an Aquarian Age, where we must inhabit being and becoming our own Gurus. And — I AM MY OWN GURU. WE ARE OUR OWN GURUS — We are the Force that brings our own Darkness into Light. Tools help, more experienced guides can help, a safe container, neutral witnesses, supportive community helps. But the buck stops here.

Yes, I’ve been sorely disappointed in the past by teachers, mentors, parents, partners, lovers — by people in my life that I felt should’ve conducted themselves “better.” And regardless, I do commit to a higher standard and code of conduct for myself as a “Teacher” and will continue to expect this of other “Teachers” as well.

And yet even if/when they “fail” me, I am going to choose to focus on how these “disappointments” allow me to embrace Radical Responsibility and greater Ownership of my own life and destiny. I choose to cultivate Trust and Devotion to my own self, as I cultivate my own Divine Intuition and Soul Compass. I value teachers as holders of a certain body of wisdom, and I have learned to be extremely discerning with who I choose to study with. I love being a student, and absorbing helpful tools and technologies — and I’ve learned to not blindly obey or give my power away to anyone or any entity any longer.

I am thankful for all the amazing tools and technology I have received from so many teachers in my life, including from Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

I take what resonates with me, and I leave behind what doesn’t.
Will I still teach? Yes, I’ll share what has worked for me.
Will I still attend Summer Solstice Gatherings and Kundalini Yoga Trainings from 3HO? I’m not sure.

I pray that the Kundalini Yoga Community can support the brave Souls coming forward, acknowledge them, and allow this tumult to refine them into a more pure, expansive carrier of the amazing Wisdom Technologies it has inherited.

And I pray that all of us can more and more become our own Gurus. That we may fully inhabit our own Divine Gifts and Treasures, hone our Soul Compasses, and continue to be Beneficent Lighthouses for others.

Sat Nam.
Truth is my Identity.