The Call ~

10750325_10152938163299747_5712210842115566254_o(1) I live at the end of the rainbow at the edge of the world
In a Cauldron of Transformation at Pele’s feet
Sometimes I feel lonely here
Day & night I host so many that are pilgrimaging to Pele
But none yet are for me.
I hold deep space for Healing of Lifetimes
Yet have yet to find my match in mine.
I have tried to leave,
but She who births & destroys the world in the same breath
calls me back.

So I sit here
on sacred land, bare feet on black lava,
bathed in moonlight & shooting stars
framed by steaming volcano & glistening sea
listening to the wind
weaving the fire
tending this Primordial Home.
I pray a future Beloved hears the call and joins me
in this magical existence ~
where fire & water marry & birth earth
too heartbreakingly beautiful
to savor alone ~
I trust. Find me at the end of the rainbow, my Love.
Mahalo Ke Akua ~
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